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So I became an endangered species when I entered my friend Jess’ domain… why? She’s a Vegan! Well… she’s not really… well she eats plants and that’s mostly it.

Scary thought for some, for others its heavenly. I endeavoured to find out precisely what it is about veggies that makes her go so doolaly that she’d forgo a steak!

This was January 2016… Scary moments, least of all learning to understand the vegan-ese language of raw is best and how deliciously precious the flavors are when savored fresh.

I drew an awestruck respect for the time, energy and effort put into making sure they’re doing right by eating right.

Through the year of 2016 I learned to understand a lot about the way people of today think, communicate as well as relate to one another & their surroundings. How aware we are all becoming in understanding that what we do has an effect. A Profound one.

‘People of Today’ – Classified thus as all the people I have encountered from the wealthiest to the poorest in all manners including values and self respect. I’ve been mauled by intelligent, correctly raised ‘pillars of their society’ and felt angels wings lift me so that I ran to save myself from all manner of appalling misadventure… wings of an ex-convict in one of the worst establishments of it’s kind in the world. Pollsmoor Prison. Born, raised and bred to be just that… with dreams but no hopes, seeing only obstacles to his dreams, his fate sealed the day he took breath because he’s from the harbour. It was expected that he would savagely beat me, rape me, steal my phone and scarper. 

The angels that have saved me have been the salt of the earth, God’s people whilst they rescued me from the very wealthiest or at least privileged, educated, intelligent and ‘God fearing’, all of whom should have known better, but felt their right to destroy another thanks to their ‘breeding’ or status.

I’ve been brought down to earth with an earth shattering discombobulated shudder many a time by the kindness, generosity, sense of community, appreciation and general internal happiness there is in the poorest of the area.

All this time I’ve also been planning a few things which I hope will start to show their true colors soon. I also dabbled in technology. Quite a lot of technology. Then I lost connectivity again and real life became something other than a screen.

I’ve wined, dined, shared tears with and laughed with many a stranger who either became a firm friend or has been dismissed as missing the point.

The people who have stuck with me through this insane adventure are the ones who understood that Whomever makes it turn is certainly there, doing their bit to make sure the snowflakes are all unique and the bees keep buzzing, so what are we doing to make the situation better? 

Let us do something no other generation has ever done before:

Let Us

  • Be Responsible,
  • Take Responsibility
  • Own our Responsibility in everything we do.

Let Us

  • Place ourselves in the worst person’s shoes and begin there…
  • by treating ourselves the way we wish all humans would treat us.

Let Us

  • Blend together to make one, new bright shiny color… whatever it is…
  • Be our best selves to serve both us and those who rely on us.
  • Treat all as we wish, pray and hope other would treat us.

Where does Abhu Dhabi fit in? A worthy Question…

I’m not sure I entirely recall the entire scene… I said to Jess that it truly felt like landing in a new country. She spoke a language I only barely understood. She taught me more in a day than I could learn in a year about the nuances of the language of being a vegan. She allowed me to experiment and blend my love of food with her vegan-ese to find happy solutions for mix-habit couples or families.

It was weird, having people over and seeing veggies with hummus, still went and got me a party bag of crisps for the occasion… Jess understood. (I hope)

Abu Dhabi came to mind and she recalled a story about the place, can’t remember the relevance now but it was a deliberate, insistent message.

What’s the message?

Nevertheless what has this to do with VEGETABLES? And a Thesis… and some matrix thing … all talk, no action makes it hard to show (or believe) what is envisioned for the future and that it does actually look very good when all hands are on deck!

Through this hazy-maze of misadventures, spiritual moments and inspiring ‘accidental’ interruptions across the scale, I’ve had the ‘sheer luck’ of realising that it’s impossible to do anything alone. Rome wasn’t built in a day so if we don’t start, we’ll never finish…

And a team is required. In all formats. Friendship, family, business, social. And the only way to build an invincible team is to use the best that the world has to offer within grasp.

Regardless of pedigree, passion, capability or experience, if the fire is within, then that shall be the basic requirement. A team is not built with only one strength.

Vegetables… the food to alleviate poverty.

Or so we all thought. I’ve discovered it’s much more than that and not only is it a true science, a study and a massive mind alteration, it’s also bigger than that. We’ve also been gifted with the ability to create a sustainable solution to poverty by being intelligent in our application of what we plant, when, where and by whom.

We cannot all be gardeners, just as we cannot all, Heaven Help Us… be Lawyers!

The vision of planting everything from blueberries, raspberries, apples, plums, lemons and more across an entire landscape doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone… or maybe it’s only occurred to those who see that their luxuries will be diminished were every street lined with free food for the masses to graze on lazily.

Who’d need to work?

Well, someone will have to tend the trees, bushes, veggies, gather them up, take them to people who can’t get there… 😉

Long story short is that it’s been one hell of a year and the story has only just begun.

The reason this all began was FOOD.

It’s also not just about Food. It’s about who has, who doesn’t and does it really need to be that way? What we can do to alleviate issues of self importance through practical steps to embracing the team aspects of poverty alleviation.

By designing business models, implementing them with whatever I have to hand, building one step at a time through pure persistence. I showcase and demonstrate how THE COLLECTIVE works in real time. A product based model focused on creating a local, ethical, community centered  suite of products that becomes a mainstay in the mind of the family…

Healthy Foods created with real ingredients sold at reasonable prices.

Vegetables and other edibles procured from local home growers and accidental owners of … you won’t believe the stories…  creating a Home Growers Circles where every aspect of every edible is used as a start to feeding out seeds, seedlings, vegetables, berries and more to every child first through projects already operating in a first step to alleviating poverty.

Raising entrepreneurs through encouraging their passions by sharing whilst earning.

Collective buying increases profits, sharing of profits with a mentorship, guidance and upliftment program called BUSINESS… i.e. we get on with it and shake it as it happens.

Commitment to continued upliftment of others through teaching what we know.

The simplicity of the model is not so groundbreaking, it’s the intricacy within which the system flows from vegetables to chat bots to create a data center crossing every sector of the social spectrum. Using the best of what technology has to offer in creating new rules to suit the masses. And grow a new way to live within the rule system just circumventing the obstacles.

With positive, proactive and productive results.